Becoming a Getaway Cars Driver – Drive a Taxi in York

Whether you are already a licensed taxi driver in York and looking for a change, or somebody looking for a new career move and interested in finding out how to become a taxi driver in York – be sure to contact Getaway Cars. Unlike many taxi companies we offer a huge variety of shifts on a flexible basis, that can be tailored to suit your needs.

For those of you already working in York as a taxi driver, pop and see us or give us a call… we will always offer you an honest insight into the company, how we operate and what benefits we can offer you. We can also provide fully licensed, maintained and serviced rental vehicles including multi-seaters should you require one.

For those of you looking into how to become a taxi driver in York as a new venture, we offer a full support service to help you through, right from your initial application to picking up your first customers and beyond!! A fundamental part of taxi work is dealing with the public and we recommend anyone considering driving for Getaway Cars has good personal skills and an interest in people. This will act as your basis, as the practical side of taxi-ing you will continue to learn for years to come..

We can offer you all the support you need, including a fully equipped and licensed vehicle to hire, assistance with your badge application. All the starter information you need and an open radio circuit so you are only a button touch away from speaking to the office for any assistance you may need at any time.

If you wish to enquire further about becoming a Getaway Cars driver, call us any time on 01904 707070 or send us an email with your details and we will contact you.

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