Yorvik Viking Centre


Take hold of the past and explore the excavations which first unearthed the Viking-age city in our brand new exhibitions.

The remains of 1,000 year old houses are revealed beneath your feet, objects taken from the excavations are explored and Viking-age timbers are brought before your eyes. New audio and video displays help you to investigate all of the information gathered from the 5-year long dig at Coppergate and piece together the jigsaw of where the Vikings came from, why they came here and how they lived and died.
At JORVIK Viking Centre you are standing on the site of one of the most famous and astounding discoveries of modern archaeology. Between the years 1976-81 archaeologists from York Archaeological Trust revealed the houses, workshops and backyards of the Viking-Age city of Jorvik as it stood 1,000 years ago. These incredible findings enabled them to build the JORVIK Viking Centre on the very site where the excavations had taken place, creating a groundbreaking visitor experience that enabled you to experience life in Viking-Age York.

As you travel around the Viking-age city of Jorvik aboard our state of the art time capsules you will encounter the old-Norse speaking citizens, see inside their houses and back yards, experience a blast of smoke from blacksmith’s furnace and enjoy the smell of home-cooked stew inside the home of our amber worker.

Whether it has been five or fifteen years, or even your first time visiting, the JORVIK Viking Centre has something new for everyone.

When visiting JORVIK Viking Centre, it is recommended that you pre-book by calling 01904 615505 or booking online. This will entitle you to jump the queue during our busy periods as well as give you a specific time slot to visit. Please note. a pre-booking fee applies and vouchers can not be used with the pre-booking service.

Due to health and safety regulations, only one wheelchair user can be in JORVIK at any one time. Wheelchair users must be booked in advance to avoid having to wait by calling our Reservations department on 01904 615505.


Prices for JORVIK Viking Centre are as follows:

Ticket type JORVIK JORVIK & DIG JORVIK & Barley Hall JORVIK & Micklegate Bar YAT Pass
Adult £9.25 £13.25 £12.50 £11.75 £16.00
Child (5-15) £6.25 £10.00 £8.50 £7.75 £11.00
Concessions £7.25 £11.00 £9.75 £9.00 £12.50
*Family 4 £26.00 £39.95 £36.00 £32.75 £46.50
*Family 5 £29.00 £43.75 £40.00 £36.50 £51.00

Please note there is an additional £1 surcharge on all Premium rate (pre-booked) tickets.

*Maximum of 2 adults per family ticket.

An admission ticket to JORVIK Viking Centre allows the holder to unlimited FREE entry for 12 months from the date of purchase


If you have any queries regarding your visit please contact us on 01904 615 505 or email jorvik@yorkat.co.uk


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